AH Delivery Method Guide

Let's take 1000 gold as an example.

1.       Talk with the Auctioneer NPC.

2.       Click the Auctions


3.       Choose the items you want to auction. If you want to separate the items into pieces, please press the "shift"button on keyboard, at the same time click the item by the right key.


4.       Click the items, and then put it on the auction house. Please set the Starting Price at 1000g 0s 0c, and Buyout Price at 1000g 0s 0c. Auction Duration choose 48 hours, and then click "Create Auction".


5.       After you succesfully auction your items, please contact us by email or via live chat to inform us the names of the items you are selling on AH(shift+right click you will get the items name with link in game).


6.       Our delivery team will buy your items from AH. After that, your personal agent will inform you by email or skype By this way, you don't need to log in to wait our delivery. Afer 1hr you will get gold in your mail box.



Simple and convenient to get gold, please contact our Live Chat or Email if you want.