Q: How long will it take me to receive gold?

A: Most of companies claimed to be able to deliver you gold in 5 mins and show their stock status on site but the truth is after you place order they will say "Sorry that it was sold out few minutes ago"! And then they get time to collect cheapest gold from supplier.

We are not going to do it like that you have one tender personal agent ,before you paid, ask him/her check stock status at live chat or skype. They will double check stock status for you. we promise all order immediately delivery .


Q: I have placed an order with the wrong server or character name. What should I do?

A: Please contact your personal agent or contact our live support with your order number and your paymentg email, let them change correct server name and character name. We will delivery gold according to your given new instruction.


Q:Do I get some compensation if I wait too long ?

A: Yes. We promise immediately delivery but some customers maybe paid by site directly without agent confrim stock. We maybe out of stock, if you wait beyond 24hrs,we prefer to think about to present you a certain bonus from 5% to 10% as compensation which depends on how long you have been waiting we appreciate your patience and also we will offer you better service in the future.


Q:Your prices double rose on my server, what's up?

A: There will be only one reason if the game currency prices change a lot in a short period: the demands excess the supplies. Before you pay, feel free ask your agent to apply discount for you.

wowokgold will never abuse the price for no reason. We dedicate to provide high quality service with low price.